I would like to introduce myself. I own this company, John W. Hackett Roofing Specialist. 
I reside in Port Byron, N.Y. and have done this nature of work for over 40 Years.  

My company is a small company which I run out of my home with the help of my wife Tammy. I enjoy my work and have never had a desire to do anything different.

I have a small crew which I employ as the jobs require. My crew along with myself strive to do the best possible job and it is important to us that the customer understands what we are doing and we try to keep them informed as the job moves along. We welcome questions and try to provide clear answers.

I have extensive knowledge in all types of roof work and repair, and I specialize in slate, copper and tile. I have worked on buildings of all shapes, sizes and design. I have worked on many churches, many residential homes, a 40 story building in Canada and I have put a copper roof on a wishing well. 

My prices are competitive, but my service is impeccable. 

I would be happy to meet with you to discuss any concerns or questions you may have. Maybe you have an immediate need or maybe you are doing some planning for the future. No matter what the case may be, make sure you will be getting the service, quality and workmanship your money deserves.

John W. Hackett Roofing Specialist
 Our Pride is in Our Work.  Our Reputation is in Your Hands.